About our Journey

C MATH is EASY, LLC started as a vision and a passion to help people. In 2013, Elsa and Andrea stood together talking about all the changes that were about to take place in the college and university institutions. One, thing that caught our attention was that 80% of adults and high school graduates were failing the TSI. And these students were being placed in the Level 0 classes for math. The level zero class was a 5th-grade math level class. But with 70-80% placing into this class, the state of Texas was no longer going to offer the level zero class at the community colleges or universities. So Elsa and Andrea said, this was the area that needed our help.  And C MATH is EASY was born.

Our achievement

After years of research and observation of many students, we have an 80% passing rate for our TSI MATH Prep.

Our Teachers

Here are the founders of the non-traditional math coaching services, C MATH is EASY. Click to read more.

Elsa Brown
Senior Math Specialist

Elsa Brown

Andrea Johnson
Senior Math Specialist

Andrea Johnson


TSI failures

Did you know that 70-80 % of high school students and adults fail the TSI. And 80% of students fail the math portion of the TSI.

Who graduates?

Did you know that if a student starts in the REM level 0 or 1, they have a 1.7% possibility of graduating. Because they struggle in the fundamental classes, they get discouraged, drop out of college and give up on their dreams and better employment.

I hate math!

When you mention the word math most people have an emotional reaction and a story. People hate math not because they are bad at it. It is because they did not have a good start.

The solution

C MATH is EASY, LLC. is the solution. We have spent years of research and curriculum writing to put together the best TSI Math prep for high school students and adults.