Andrea Johnson

  • Senior Math Specialist

Where Am I From

Most people ask me, Andrea, where are you from? I say, I am a LA girl that moved to La. Meaning, I was born in Los Angeles and moved to Louisiana as a small child. So, I feel like I am from Louisiana, but my accent has always told off on me.  I am glad we moved to Louisiana because I am a country girl that enjoys the great outdoors and beautiful tall trees.

Engineer & Technician

In high school, I remember reading in my yearbook, I was the most likely to have the strangest job. I laugh now. Because after getting my bachelors of Science in Engineering, I was hired as a Mud Engineer. Put it this way, I got paid a lot of money to make mud cakes. Basically, I was a chemist on drilling rigs and prevented rigs from blowing up or burning down.  I worked in south Louisiana, west Texas, eastern New Mexico, south Texas and in the Gulf of Mexico. I loved working in the oil field, but hated the 24 hours on call and being exposed to extreme weather. After another crash of the oil field, I became the first female copier technician in my area. I love working with my hands and taking things apart, I was pretty good at it.

School Teacher

Later in life, I became a math teacher at a middle school. I remember during my initial interview I was asked, Are you sure you want to do this? I thought, this is a strange question, but now I know. To my fellow teachers, hats off to you, retired or still on the front lines. At the grade school level, I think this is where I really began understanding who I really was and what my true gifts were.


And with C MATH is EASY, I am able to express my gift freely. I know my best work is when I help a child or an adult understand the basic foundations of math. And then enjoying mathematics for the first time. What I do is life changing. What we do is life changing. Because of us, we can help people make choices in their life. They can get a better job. A child can be successful in school and prevent someone from the possibility of dropping out. Because of a stronger foundation in math, they can become their dream.

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