Elsa Brown

  • Senior Math SpecialistTSI Expert

Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Elsa Brown, I come from a generation of migrant workers in South Texas. Field work was my first job at 7 years old. I was raised by my grandparents, ‘buelita and ‘buelito. In my family seeking an education was very important, however, it was unrealistic to strive for anything further than a high school diploma. This did not discourage me.

In school, I found I had an affinity for math; and in high school I was asked to help tutor classmates who struggled with the subject. After receiving my diploma, I decided to continue my studies through to college, going for a major in Business Administration at the University of Texas in Brownsville. Once there, my math professor recommended me for a job in the university’s math tutoring program.

All throughout my college education this kept happening, at Brownsville I was recommended for, and accepted, a total of two tutoring jobs, and a student teaching job. Through this experience and with the encouragement of my math professor, I determined I needed to change my major to mathematics.  I graduated from UT Brownsville with a Bachelors in Mathematics and I received a Minor in Spanish and went on to attend Texas A&M University of Kingsville in pursuit of a Master of Science degree in Mathematics.

I was once again recommended by my math professor at Texas A&M Kingsville to the Teaching Assistant position. I graduated from Texas A&M with my Master’s degree and immediately, began teaching full time at the University. I  worked hard to pursue a career in teaching and tutoring.  I have had a passion and a skill for math since high school, and I continue to strive to help students gain a clear understanding of math to this day.

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