28 Aug 2018

What is the TSI?

What is the TSI?

Every day, I talk to middle school and high school parents and they look at me confused when I ask, “Have you heard about the TSI? And another question for high school parents was “Has your child taken the TSI yet”. They say, Ummm, no. Then they ask, what is the TSI?

The TSI is a state-mandated college placement exam. And sometimes it can be an alternative exam for the SAT or the ACT to enter the university. The TSIA stands for Texas Success Initiative Assessment. The TSI evaluates reading, writing, and math in that order.

The TSI does not keep a student from being accepted into college, it does determine if they start at the college level or in a level 0, 1 or 2 level developmental class.

The TSI was implemented officially in the fall of 2014. The word on the street or the education board was the state of Texas was going to eliminate the level 0 foundational classes in all community colleges.

But the community colleges got a waiver to postpone the removal of this basic math class (level 0) until the fall of 2018.  So as of the fall of 2018, there are no level 0, reading, writing, and math classes in the state of Texas.

Preparing for college and going to college, you have to plan. And going to school now is so much different than 4 years ago and let alone 20 years ago.

Nowadays you must know what your major will be. You must know what science, math and literature class you need to take. And know what not to take and what to take and can you get financial aid.

Going to a 2-year college or a 4-year college is different. Where do you need to start at?



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