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TSI MATH: After 2 times, I passed.

I passed the TSI. The first time I made a 346, but after studying C MATH is EASY, TSI Math Prep Workbook, and looking over their word problems, I crossed over that hump. No remedial math for me.  – C

TSI MATH: After 7 times and one year

My name is “k”. I was a high school student taking dual credit classes. The only class that was keeping me from getting an associate degree and a high school diploma was the TSI math and College Algebra. I had already taken the TSI Math 7 times, my mom worked for the school district and she got all her teacher friends to help and I only would reach the Level 1. I needed Level 3.  Then one day, my moms boss saw C MATH  is EASY, TSI MATH PREP. I had an appoint the next week. I went to 3 sessions, it was suppose to be 4. But I felt so confident. I sneaked and took the test and I passed in only 3 days with a score of 359.  I knew these guys were different the first day. When they handed me a folder and said start at number one, I knew they knew what they were doing and they were organized. The other 7 tutors, had nothing to help me with the TSI. I made my deadline to submit my TSI scores. I learned so much during the TSI MATH PREP that I made an A in my College Algebra class.  And I graduated with an Associate degree and with a high school diploma. I am at the University of Texas now.


TSI Boot Camp

Prepping a group of  Early College High School students for their TSI Math. 80% passing rate.

TSI MATH: Fire Academy & EMT

I was a senior in high school. I did not pass the TSI.  Since I had scored level 1 on the test, I was NOT able to apply for the Fire Academy. I wanted to add EMT to my career. But I could not because I needed a Level 3 on the math. I tried my Junior and Senior year and could not pass it. I signed up for the C MATH is EASY TSI Boot Camp and in 4 days and a weekend to study, I passed my TSI Math. And I am horrible at math and did not know my multiplication. C Math gave me the tools to compensate for my weak area. Its been 2 years and in days I pass.


C MATH is EASY helped me pass my military exam. It took me about 3 weeks or 6 hours with extra work at home. But then I decided to go to college, so I called C MATH again. I attended their TSI Math Boot Camp. I was learning so much, I felt confident after 2 days in the class. So after the 3 days, I sneaked off and took the TSI and passed. On the 4th day, I called Ms. Johnson and said I was not returning for the last day, because I got the score I needed to take the class I wanted. They truly were helpful. – E

TSI MATH: I passed.

I passed the TSI.  I am an English major .

Kids Camps

TSI MATH: Last class & graduation

I took all my classes except my math. I saved my math for last.  Then I found myself not able to graduate because I could not pass my math classes. This was a big mistake.  I was a part of Education is Our Freedom scholarship program, Commissioner JAG announced that he was offering Math Clinics. This is when I was introduced to C MATH is EASY, they were the instructors for the workshop. Going through the the Math Boot Camp it built my confidence. After the camp, I was knowledgeable about math and algebra, I took my last 2 math classes at the same time.  Me, I never thought I could ever do that But because of C MATH, I was able to pass my Statistics and College Algebra. And I graduated in May. WOW! – J

TSI Boot Camp - Express

This high school had 100% of its students pass the TSI after our 6 hour TSI MATH Express Boot Camp.


I called C MATH is EASY and said I want to go to the military. When I got to our first meeting, I had to tell her that I needed a GED first. She looked at me funny, ” Why didn’t you tell me that on the phone”? I passed my GED math in 4 weeks and passed the Military ASVAB in 3 weeks with a score of 56. He listed into the Army.

Kid: 6th grader

A 6th grader. He came because he was wanting to take AP- 7th grade math. His mother saw within days his grades increased and his confidence was very evident.


kid: 8th grader

This 8th grader loved coming. Her grades increased every week.  She used to go to another popular tutoring center. But the the mom said coming to C MATH is EASY, she noticed an instant difference in her daughter and how fast she was learning different concepts.  The mother felt she was getting strung along and milked for more money at the other tutoring agency with slow results.

Kid: 2nd grader

This little girl is in the 2nd grade doing 3 digit multiplication and positive and negative integers. This is my daughter Jade. But the youngest I tutor is 4th grade.


Home School

We work with home school students on special occasions. We assisted in the assignments, but we do not design the curriculum.  



Small Groups