TSI Math Boot Camp

MAY   *  JUNE  *  JULY  *  AUGUST    2019

Grades 9th thru Adults

The TSI Boot Camp is a 4-day face to face class. The Boot Camp is available in the summer, an online version is available 24/7.

It is not for the weak. When you come to make sure you have plenty of paper, several pencils, and a very good eraser.

This is an intense 3 hour 4-day class. The good thing about our TSI Math workshop is that we have a foundational component to our custom curriculum that will get you to the advanced concepts in days.  You can call this Boot Camp, an Accelerated Algebra Intervention. 

Just recently, we had a student pass the TSI Math after only attending 3 days of the 4 days with a score of 372.

Registration begins April 2019

Click Online or Jump Start if you can’t wait for the summer:

TSI Math Online  or  TSI – JUMP START 2

Spaces are limited.